Pata de Cuervo

Judy’s notes say “I seem to do better work when I am using dozens of fabrics in a quilt, rather than just four or five. Perhaps it has to do with William Justema’s “Law of Profusion.” To paraphrase: “If you have many (fabrics) to work with there is less chance of making mistakes of choice, or – when you do make them – more chances to correct them. Once you go beyond eight or nine, you may as well add three or four more; in fact it would be wise to do so. More than a dozen discourages counting. The sense of abundance gives pleasure to doer and viewer alike.” This piece was made for the Martingale “Quilt Shop Series” Book Calicoes & Quilts Unlimited. . The traditional block pattern is Crow’s Foot, another positive-negative design.

This quilt was also featured in Judy’s last book, The Big Book of Patchwork. It was exhibited at the Empty Spools Conference in March 1996, the Pacific Northwest Quilt Show in July 1996, and the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters show in 1996.

Quilt was started 9/15/1994 and finished 8/9/1995

77-1/4 x 92-1/2 inches
Pieced by Judy Dafoe Hopkins
Hand quilted by Judy Dafoe Hopkins
Label: Inkjet on fabric “Judy Dafoe Hopkins Anchorage, Alaska 1995”
Sleeve: Yes
Consecutive number 164

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