501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks is still in print and widely used as a reference book. It is a compilation of three earlier books, Around the Block, Around the Block Again, and Once More Around the Block. Most of Judy’s other books are out of print, but still available on Amazon. If you purchase books through these links, the modest commission payments are used for photography, appraisals, and website costs. The Big Book of Patchwork was Judy’s last book, published in April, 2011, the month after she died. The 365 Quilt-Block Patterns Perpetual Calendar was published after Judy’s death by Martingale, with a portion of the royalties going to the Juneau Community Foundation.

One of a Kind Quilts was Judy’s first book, published in 1989. This book explained Judy’s method of making everyday quilts that were as creative as their makers, based on a technique she taught to many quilters in classes in Alaska. The book was updated with more illustrations and examples, and republished as Design Your Own Quilts in 1998. Judy published Triangle-Free Quilts in 2002. Judy reviewed her own book on Amazon on December 18, 2002: “This is my 13th quilt book, and I’m delighted with the way it turned out. The quilts are great, and all of them are easy to make. The best part? There are absolutely NO TRIANGLES in any of these quilts. Enjoy!”

The books below were companions to Judy’s Scrapsaverâ„¢ tool, with nine-patch, four-patch, and five- and seven-patch patterns.

The books below, Rotary Riot,, published in 1992, Rotary Roundup, published in 1994, and Down the Rotary Road, published in 1996, were co-authored with Nancy J. Martin. Rotary Riot was named the best quilt book of the year by the Publishers Marketing Association in 1992.

Most, but not all, of the material in the books above was republished in 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts in 1998, co-authored with Nancy J. Martin. Fit to be Tied, a book of Bow Tie Quilts, was published in 1990.

The three books below, Around the Block, published in 1994, Around the Block Again, published in 2001, and Once More Around the Block, published in 2003, each featured 200 quilt-block patterns, with complete instructions for making each block in six different sizes. Much of the material was republished in 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks, but there are 99 blocks that didn’t make the cut for the later book.

Judy self-published two books for the tourist trade, Quilt Alaska and Cooking Up Some Quilts. They are still available in some Alaska quilt shops and gift stores, as well as through Amazon. Quilt Alaska featured 36 blocks with Alaska themes. Cooking Up Some Quilts featured patterns for three Alaska-themed quilts plus salmon, halibut and crab recipes. The dedication reads “For my truly interesting and incredibly capable daughters, Blythe and Darien. xxMom”