• Blythe-Wedding-Quilt-Front
  • Blythe-Wedding-Quilt-Back
  • Blythe-Wedding-Quilt-Label
  • Blythe-Wedding-Quilt-Detail-3
  • Blythe-Wedding-Quilt-Detail-2
  • Blythe-Wedding-Quilt-Detail-1

Front, Back, Label, Detail1, Detail2

78 x 92 inches
Kit quilt appliqued by Lois Dafoe
Hand quilted by Lois Dafoe, Ruth Strickling, Judy Hopkins and other family members
Label: Yes
Sleeve: No

This was a kit quilt Judy’s mother, Lois Dafoe, made for Judy’s daughter’s (first) wedding. Lois cut out and appliqued the top, then Judy’s notes say “Mom appliqued a top for Blythe and we all quilted it a few summers ago, the summer of 1980.”

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