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After showing this site to several people in the last few weeks, I realized that accessing the photos for each quilt is not particularly intuitive. If you click on “Quilts” and then click on the picture of the quilt you’d like to know more about, you’ll link to a page with all the information I have about that quilt, including the date made (and sometimes the date started and finished), the measurements, and any notes from Judy’s files. For each quilt, you can see the front, back and at least one detail. For some of the quilts, there is a photo of the label and there may be additional detail photos. To access all of the photos for a quilt, click the (subtle) arrow in the middle right of each photo to advance to the next photo. Because the photographs were taken at extremely high resolution, the detail photos are, well, quite detailed. Leave a comment if you’re still having trouble accessing the photos, or if you want additional detail photos added to the page.

If you want to see all of the quilts with appliqué, or machine quilting, or quilts of a particular size, click on “quilts” and then choose one of the categories in small boxes. Just the quilts matching that category will show.


  1. Geri Pagliaro
    January 1, 2016

    I have been trying to purchase additional copies of Around the Block with Judy Hopkins but it is out of print.
    Our quilt guild would like to use the book as the basis for our 2016 Block of the Month project.
    We are aware the book is still under copywrite. I would like to officially ask the family’s permission to copy some blocks from the book for our members. We have 16 members and would be using the copies for educational purposes. We would not profit from our BOM project. Seaport Stitchers Quilt Guild is a non=profit organization, certified by the State of New Jersey.
    Please let me know as we will be announcing our BOM kickoff in two weeks.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Geri Pagliaro, Member
    Seaport Stitchers Quilt Guild

    • Blythe Campbell
      January 3, 2016

      Geri – Please send an email to my personal address,, and we can work something out for your group.

      One of Mom’s books is still in print and used widely in classes and as a reference – 501 Rotary-Cut quilt blocks. This was a compendium of Around the Block,Around the Block Again, and Once More Around the Block. Each of the smaller books had 200 quilt blocks, so the 501 book is missing fewer than 20 from Around the Block. Your group may find the 501 book useful for future projects.


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