The Shirtstack quilt was made through a challenge with Michel Landerman and Jeanie Smith. Here are the original instructions for the challenge, issued on May 28, 2009:

Hi Ladies,
OK, so here come the rules for the challenge.  This is very stressful.  I think we all like this quilt, so there’s not much mucking it up to be done.  
Rules o’ the quilt:

No more than 572 pieces
No less than 7 pieces
No less than 14 different fabrics
No pieces smaller than 2 in by 4 inches
No polyesters
No flannels on front of quilt
No holiday prints
Use fabric in your stash or that you purchase
May use machine or hand piecing

So,  I think we might pare it down a bit…..Make the shirtstack quilt (picture attached) per Judy’s findings…. You may alter it a bit (Jeanie), but it must be substantially the same as the pattern when finished…. easily distinguishable at a slow gallop on horseback.  We each have approximately one week to send each other a piece of fabric to be incorporated in the quilt in some fashion.

Here’s the challenge photo:


On June 15, Mom sent an email – “I took the weekend off and my shirtstack top is finished. I followed almost all of the rules, sort of.” And on June 20 – “I’m taking the shirtstack quilt to the quilter next week. Nanner nanner.”

Here’s Mom’s Shirtstack Challenge quilt:


And Jeanie’s:

shirt stack