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Front, Back, Label, Detail, Detail2

58 x 73-1/4 inches
Pieced by Judy Dafoe Hopkins
Hand quilted with light blue perle cotton by Peggy Hinchey
Label: Ink on sleeve “Judy Dafoe Hopkins, Anchorage, Alaska 1995”
Sleeve: Yes

This is one of Judy’s Puzzle quilts, inspired by a piece by Margit Echols that appeared in Games Magazine years ago. Each traditional block is matched with a second block that has the same arrangement of pieces, of the same size and shape, but a different arrangement of values. Can you find the pairs? This quilt has 48 6-inch blocks.

Judy used this quilt to teach Puzzle Quilt classes. The quilt was exhibited at the Empty Spools Conference in Asilomar in March 1996, where Judy was a guest teacher. Her daughters Blythe and Darien came along on that trip. It was also exhibited at the Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters show in 1996.

Quilt was started 4/1/1995 and finished 1/1/1996

Consecutive number 166

Collection of Bill Hopkins

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