• They_Were_Here_a_Minute_Ago_Front_W
  • They_Were_Here_a_Minute_Ago_Back_W
  • They_Were_Here_a_Minute_Ago_Label
  • They_Were_Here_a_Minute_Ago_Detail2
  • They_Were_Here_a_Minute_Ago_Detail1

Front, Back, Label, Detail1, Detail2

44-1/4 x 36
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted with black perle cotton by Judy Hopkins
Label: Embroidered on front “jhopkins 88”
Sleeve: Yes

The working title of this quilt was “Camouflage Labs.” Judy used the appliquéd labradors, which were inspired by Edward Gorey’s books, in several quilts. This quilt was exhibited at “Quilts and Books 96” at the Anchorage Loussac Library, March 9-30, 1996.

Quilt was started 2/20/1987 and finished 3/29/1988

Consecutive number 52

Collection of Bill Hopkins

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