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Front, Back, Label, Detail

33-1/2 x 36-1/2 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted by Peggy Hinchey with perle cotton
Label: Inkjet on fabric
Sleeve: Yes

This quilt was featured in “Design Your Own Quilts,” the revised and reissued version of Judy’s first book, One-of-a-Kind Quilts. This quilt and a quilt by Dee Morrow named Mutt on the Monitor are the result of a mini-challenge in which the two quiltmakers agreed to work with the same blueprint (Plan 4 from the book) and with half-yard cuts of exactly the same group of fabrics. Judy chose traditional Sunrise blocks for her theme, separating them with half-blocks. The 4″ blocks with the red circles are part of the theme-block array. The quilt is bordered on the right side only.

Quilt was started 6/14/1996 and finished 5/19/1997.

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