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  • String_Star_Back_W
  • String_Star_Label_W
  • String_Star_Detail1
  • String_Star_Detail2

Front, Back, Label, Detail1, Detail2

37-1/2 x 38 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted by Peggy Hinchey
Label: Inkjet on fabric
Sleeve: Yes

This book was featured in Design Your Own Quilts. Judy used small scraps of authentic depression-era fabrics from the collection of Doris Rhodes to create the string star and the surrounding small checkerboards; the pink and yellow squares in the outer frame are reproduction prints. The background blocks were kept simple so as not to overpower the theme. The pieced areas are quilted in the classic concentric arc pattern commonly called “Baptist Fan”; a stylized feather design graces the border.

Quilt was started 7/16/96 and finished 6/7/97.

Collection of Doris Rhodes.

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