Red/Gold Puzzle Quilt

This quilt was a sample for Judy’s “Two of a Kind” quilt classes. The class description read: “In this intriguing sampler, each classic block is matched with a second traditional block that has the same arrangement of pieces; similarities are obscured by changes in value and contrast. Choose from 24 “puzzling pairs” and quick-cut and stitch them in the size of your choice to make a quilt that is also an entertaining “find the pairs” diversion.”

Judy’s class notes say “Sampler quilts are an important part of the quiltmaking tradition. They are used to teach a variety of techniques and to demonstrate the skills of the maker. They serve as a library of patterns and a means of testing color combinations.”

The Red/Gold Puzzle Quilt has three pairs and one “triplet” – one block that has three variations: Churn Dash, Greek Cross, and Grecian Design.

Note it was finished 6-1/2 years after it was started. Quilt was started 6/26/89 and finished 2/4/1996.

36-1/2 x 36-1/4 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted by Judy Hopkins with red Coats & Clark thread
Label: Inkjet on Fabric
Sleeve: Yes

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