Merry Birthday

When the makers of the quilts for the original One-of-a-Kind Quilts book presented Judy with a collection of background blocks in reds, tans, blacks and browns, she put them together as an allover scrap quilt, without a formal theme. The lighter blocks, arranged in bars near the outside edges of the quilt, provide a focal point. Because the front of the quilt was so busy, Judy marked the quilting design on the back, and quilted from the back side. Note the little “color chips” that separate the two fabrics used for the border. This quilt was featured in Judy’s book, Design Your Own Quilts. Quilt was started on Judy’s birthday, 8/8/1988, and finished 3/12/1989.


64-1/2 x 53 inches
Blocks made by Tuesdays group and others
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted with red perle cotton by Judy Hopkins
Label: Ink on back “Birthday Quilt Judy Hopkins 1988-1991 Blocks by Tuesdays and Wizards August ’88. Quilted by JH Anchorage, Alaska” and Inkjet on fabric name and address label.
Sleeve: No
Consecutive number 109

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