Lois Tree of Life

This is the first appliqué quilt Judy’s mother Lois made from a kit she bought in Salt Lake City. Judy said, “I didn’t realize it would be for me while she was making it. I think when she wrapped it up, at Christmas time, she said something about, now here’s something for you to do, or to work on, or something, and I thought, ‘Oh, no, she’s bought me one of those appliqué kits.’ I thought I would have to appliqué a top like this, but it was a quilt.” Judy’s Aunt Ruth said, “This was one that I kept track of the time, and it took me 186 hours to do the hand quilting on it, and Lois had already put in all those hours appliquéing all those colored pieces.”

66 x 78-1/4 inches
Appliquéd by Lois Dafoe
Hand quilted by Ruth Allen Strickling
Label: No
Sleeve: No
Collection of Blythe Campbell

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