Hurricane Hugo

The back of this quilt has Roberta Horton’s signature on the handprint. I reached Roberta by email, and she wrote “The quilt was the result of an African-American Quilt workshop I taught for the Anchorage quilt guild. Participants were to work with free hand cutting and no drafted formal patterns with templates. Rotary cutters could be used. Then there was the fun of arranging and assembling it. Goal was a feeling of movement as evidenced by the off grain bottom plaid border on the bottom. Whole quilt was make-do. Looks like she followed the “rules” I set out.”

For Darien’s story about the origin of the Hurricane Hugo quilt, see her post.

Quilt was started 9/21/89 and finished 11/14/89

39.5 x 48 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted by Judy Hopkins with maroon perle cotton
Label: Yes
Sleeve: Yes
Collection of Darien Reece.

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