• Hearts_and_Flowers_Front_W
  • Hearts_and_Flowers_Back._W
  • Hearts_and_Flowers_Label_W
  • Hearts_and_Flowers_Detail1
  • Hearts_and_Flowers_Detail2

Front, Back, Label, Detail1, Detail2

25 x 25 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted with white thread by Judy Hopkins
Label: Embroidered on back “jhopkins 84”
Sleeve: No (originally had velcro strips for hanging)

This quilt was based on a Chris Wolf Edmonds pattern (probably from the 1982 book A Quilt for all Seasons) and the working title was “February Wall Quilt.”

Quilt was started 3/2/1983 and finished 9/30/1984

Consecutive number 18

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