Crop Circles

This book appeared in Design Your Own Quilts. Judy’s lecture notes about this quilt:

While this quilt has a kind-of-contemporary look, it’s firmly rooted in tradition, as are most of my quilts. Crop Circles was made using the design process I described in my first book, One-of-a-Kind Quilts, now out of print. The “revised and updated” version, Design Your Own Quilts, is out of print, too, alas. I’ve written 17 quilt and block pattern books since 1989, but only a few of them are still in print. Still, many of my old books eventually turn up on E-Bay or on used-book websites. This dramatic quilt features reverse-appliquéd theme blocks in an assortment of sizes and shapes; the hot, bright design fabric is repeated in the border and echoed in the small red and orange plaid triangles. The low-contrast, 3-strip background blocks (Block 1.3) are laid in in an overall checkerboard format; the spaces on the left side of the quilt are filled with Block 2.6, and on the right side of the quilt with plain 4″ squares (Block 1.1).

Quilt was started 6/25/96 and finished 6/17/97.

38.25 x 46.5 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted by Julie Kimberlin with purple perle cotton
Label: Yes
Sleeve: Yes
Collection of Elizabeth Reece.

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