Abstract Sequential

Judy’s notes say this was a challenge quilt. It was returned to the family by quilter Kathy Harte in 2014. Kathy said she bought it in Anchorage – probably at a Log Cabin Quilters auction. Quilt was started 11/6/88 and finished 2/11/89.

23-1/4 x 33-1/2 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Machine quilted by Judy Hopkins
Label: Yes
Sleeve: Yes
Quilt #69

This quilt is available for sale!  Contact Blythe via email at blythe@alaskan.com to request pricing.

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  1. A few years ago I bought two very fine Judy Hopkins quilts from Heidi Hoff Hurst (): “Japanese Susan Squares” and “Japanese Sampler.” Visiting your website, I am now particularly taken by another of Mrs. Hopkins’s quilts, “Abstract Sequential” (#69), and see that it is available for purchase. What, please, is its price?

    Interested in buying it, I would like to learn what fabric(s) it’s made of, front and back; the batting material; and the quilt’s condition after having been previously owned. Also, some of the quilt’s design elements appear to have been inked in (e.g., the black “prison cell” verticals on the front). Is this the case?

    The close-up of the quilt’s front strongly suggests that the button under which the black horizontal element passes before looping through the knot is a real, appliquéd button. Is that horizontal element itself an appliquéd piece of real cord, as the close-up also suggests?

    Looking forward to your reply,

    William Wendroff
    298 Marlborough Road
    Brooklyn, NY 11226


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