• 9_Inch_Puzzle_Front_W
  • 9_Inch_Puzzle_Back_W
  • 9_Inch_Puzzle_Label2
  • 9_Inch_Puzzle_Detail2_W
  • 9_Inch_Puzzle_Detail1_W

Front, Back, Label, Detail1, Detail2

71-3/4 x 82 inches
Pieced by Judy Hopkins
Hand quilted by Peggy Hinchey
Label: Inkjet on fabric
Sleeve: Yes

This was the first “puzzle” quilt Judy made. It has 30 blocks – 15 pairs – and uses nine fabrics (just one dark). Judy’s class notes say: “Has some “discontinued” blocks: London Roads and Golden Gate, Colorado Block (the brown goose with pinwheel middle.)”

Note this quilt was finished nearly seven years after it was started.

Quilt was started 2/5/88 and finished 12/20/95.

Collection of Jonathan Reece.

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