My love for quilters



In this five-year project to document mom’s quilts (in full disclosure, I certainly haven’t worked on this full time for five years!), I have reached out many times to mom’s circle of quilting friends for clues and advice. These were people who took her classes, made quilts for her books, joined her on adventures, and fed her creative spirit. They are people who reached out with love and unfailingly supported our family when Mom died.

I’m not a quilter, and sometimes I wonder if I have irritated the heck out of them with my questions. But they are always patient with me and always willing to share.

Today’s my day to express my deep love for quilters – those I know and all of those I don’t.


  1. Julie
    September 22, 2016

    NO, absolutely not. You haven’t “irritated the heck” (out of me). I am just glad I kept such good records & copies of all her emails. Wish I had kept more of the information, never dreaming it would be needed some day.

  2. Penny Prichard
    November 8, 2016

    What an amazing tribute to your Mom and her talent. As one of the quilters you don’t know I cannot convey fully how excited I am about the possibility of discovering the many treasures of your Mom’s collection.

    Thank you from the bottom of this quilter’s heart.

  3. Mary Widder Symonds
    November 16, 2016

    Blythe, When I was a kid, I loved to look at all the stacks of fabric in your house and at the quilt plans your mom pinned up as she decided which project to tackle next. I admired her creative talent. Thank you for this project. Keep it up.


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