I found this composition book titled Quilts January 1986 in a box we took to the storage unit in Juneau when we got overwhelmed trying to clean out Dad’s house after he sold it. Lots more things still to go through, but I’m glad this caught my eye on my last visit to Juneau.

In the book, Mom has notes to herself about buying fabric – love the way she sets a limit, then gives herself permission to exceed it!

Fabric: 1/2 yard is truly plenty, even of Fabulous Fabrics (maybe 1 yard of Fabulous). Only reason to buy more is for backing. Fabulous fabrics can always be used for backing if you’re unable to cut ’em up

Fabulous fabrics also can be used for clothing now, quilts later

This composition book also had notes about quilts she made between 1980 and 1986, some of which she had not meticulously transferred to the series of electronic databases she kept, so I’ll be adding more notes to those quilts on the site soon.