About 30% Finished

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My mom’s 75th birthday would have been August 8 – it’s been more than five years since she died and I am about 30% finished getting her quilts up on this site. It’s been a project that gets done in bursts, and as time goes by I have realized that it’s more important to get […]

Red Wagon Patterns

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Mom made several quilts using Red Wagon patterns. While researching a couple of later appliquéd quilts I ran across “Trains,” a pattern by Linda Brannock, which I’m sure was the source of Mom’s quilt “Trains in the Rain.” I just added that reference to the description of the quilt. Mom’s notes from that time period […]

The Shirtstack Challenge

The Shirtstack quilt was made through a challenge with Michel Landerman and Jeanie Smith. Here are the original instructions for the challenge, issued on May 28, 2009: Hi Ladies,   OK, so here come the rules for the challenge.  This is very stressful.  I think we all like this quilt, so there’s not much mucking […]

Book Titles

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Mom had lots of computer files for a book that began with “50Sens,” but for some reason I thought that was a work in progress. They are actually the files for her last book, The Big Book of Patchwork, which is subtitled “50 Fabulous Quilts from Judy Hopkins.” The working title of the book was “50 […]

More on Handy Andy – and a question for quilters

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I’ve added some more information to the Handy Andy quilt. Mom notes that it was her fourth quilt, and that the white fabric with light blue flowers was “used for rice bags at BA wedding” – my first wedding, in 1980. It also says it was hand quilted and I had put it in the […]

More on Hurricane Hugo

I reached Roberta Horton via email. Here’s what she had to say about the Hurricane Hugo quilt: The quilt was the result of an African-American Quilt workshop I taught for the Anchorage quilt guild. Participants were to work with free hand cutting and no drafted formal patterns with templates. Rotary cutters could be used. Then […]

Be sure to sign and date your quilts!

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This was the start of a very authoritative paragraph in Mom’s first book, One of a Kind Quilts. It reads: Be sure to sign and date your quilts! If embroidery is too tedious, write your name and the year on the back of the quilt with a permanent pen (test to make sure it’s permanent). Or tack […]

Website Launch and First Four Quilts

It’s been a few months since I received the first batch of quilt photos and started building this website, and today’s the day I am officially launching the website into the world. I chose the first four quilts because I knew their names and had basic information about them. I’d appreciate your comments about the […]

Documenting Mom’s Quilts

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My mother, Judy Hopkins, died in March 2011 just three months after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time. It was sudden, it was devastating for our family and friends, and it cut short the life of an incredibly creative woman who was an inspiration to me and to so many others. We liked […]