My mom’s 75th birthday would have been August 8 – it’s been more than five years since she died and I am about 30% finished getting her quilts up on this site. It’s been a project that gets done in bursts, and as time goes by I have realized that it’s more important to get the information I do have up on the site vs. beating the bushes looking in mom’s files for every detail on every quilt.I still have about 100 quilts resting in one of our spare bedrooms, but we are starting to think about their “forever homes” knowing that we’ve got great photos and good documentation and it’s better for a quilt to be loved and enjoyed than to be in a giant pile. It’s something I’ve thought about for other family “heirlooms” – if every generation saves a certain amount of stuff, and passes it down to the next generation, that starts be a LOT of stuff. If you can take a good picture of it and then pass the real object on to someone – inside or outside of the family – that truly loves that thing, that’s a win-win.